To Care for Chairs or Lamps:

These pieces have been manufactured to provide decades of enjoyment without special attention.  Occasionally, you may want to treat the finish to a lemon oil base furniture polish in order to maintain its luster.  Important: Polish must not contain silicone!  Hardwoods exchange moisture with the air, adjusting to major changes in temperature and humidity.  In furniture, solid hardwoods respond to extremely dry air by losing moisture and shrinking a bit.  For this reason, never place solid wood furniture directly over air vents in a room.  Constant exposure to the heating and cooling may dry out the wood and damage joints.

We do not recommend using a rubber cushion or placing an exercise ball on the chair, as it will ruin the finish of the chair.  If you are looking for a cushion, your best solution is to measure the seat area and go to a local department store and get a cloth cushion with no buttons.

Rocker Runners:

Important: You must attach the screws to the bottom of the runners.  The screws prevent the leg nubs from breaking inside the runners.

Problems or Additional Information:

If you have problems or want additional information regarding chairs, rockers and lamps for other schools and associations, please call us at (978) 632-1301, it is our pleasure to serve you.