What people are saying about their personalized, heirloom College Chairs from Standard Chair of Gardner.

We treasure the feedback from our recent customers and thought we'd share their sentiments with you. As you'll read, whether the recognition chair is for a graduation gift for a recent grad or a retirement chair for a retiring professor, invariably these carefully-crafted recognition college chairs and rockers are sure to be a keepsake. In fact, they seem to be the perfect gift, as these heartfelt comments attest! If you'd like to send in your reactions to your College Chair, we'd love to hear from you, too!

“I have truly enjoyed working with your company I have seen the pride and tears in people’s eyes when we present them their chair… I am very excited and proud about my chair… One of my highlights of retiring… For me this is bitter sweet.”Jo B., Macon, GA

“Thank you for all your help with the college chair and image. The chair we got for my mother who always wished she could have afforded her school chair back in the day. Well, she cried when she saw it. Her reaction was priceless!”Stephanie G., Boston, MA

“I had to let you know that Karen was extremely delighted with the recognition chair which she received at her retirement party. Kathy will receive her chair next Monday and I anticipate her reaction will be similar to Karen's. Personally, I think these chairs are WOW - KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF gifts! I have several years 'til retirement, but hopefully it will be a rocker from Standard Chair. ”Emma J., Arkadelphia, AR

“It is not very often that I feel compelled to sit down and write a letter such as this, however, in this particular situation it is well warranted. To say your staff is professional and courteous and thorough is an understatement. It is so nice and refreshing to work with such a great group of people. I have occupied this position for almost six years, worked previously for a Fortune 500 company for three years prior to that and I can count on one hand the amount of companies that exude the same amount of professional as your crew. Right down to the last detail, everyone makes sure everything is done to perfection (at least through my eyes) and no stone is left unturned. From the beginning of the process to the end, I feel completely confident that our Alumni will be 100% satisfied with their college chair(s) and it makes us look our best. I applaud your fortitude and the level of excellence with regard to Customer Service and Customer Relations. Thank you to everyone for such great work. We look forward to informing our many valued and distinguished Alumni where they will be receiving their chair from for years to come. Many thanks go out to all of you on the phones and behind the scenes. You all do great work.”Robert F., Milford, DE

“Thank you so much for all your help with getting my chair ordered. It is beautiful and my husband loved it so much. My husband’s father received one after he graduated from Medical School, as a gift from his wife. That chair always meant the sign of success for the kids while growing up in the home. My husband started his company 10 years ago and that is quite an accomplishment in my eyes. Receiving this gift meant more to him than just the chair, it has deeper meaning and many memories behind it. Thank you for making the chairs so special to all of us.”Jennifer E., Seattle, WA

“Our school district placed an order with you last spring for three recognition chairs and I wanted to share with you how pleased we are with your company. From our first contact asking for information, to placing the order, to having the order verified, to receiving the order, your company was one of the most professional and service orientated that I have ever worked with. I can't tell you how ecstatic the recipients of your chairs where. They each remarked that this was the best gift ever. One person even cried. As they retired, they felt that they not only had a beautifully crafted piece of furniture, but a gift they will always treasure. My only regret is that I have waited so long in letting you know how delighted we are with the chairs. The craftsmanship was appreciated by so many people who attended the retirement parties. Many who attended where professionals with an eye for fine product. I was asked numerous times where did I get the chairs and how can they contact the company. In closing, I just want to say that when the occasion arises again, we won't hesitate to contact your company. ”Mary B., Portland, OR

“My name is Nancy G. I am a bookkeeper at the elementary school. We purchase your beautiful rockers for our retirees. We have done this for many years. We had some unfortunate news about one of our staff members about 3 weeks ago. Her name is Lisa and she taught at the school for over 31 years. She was diagnosed with cancer (all through her body) and was given two months to live. Things turned for the worst last week. We were told on Thursday that she was in very grave position. We as staff immediately wanted to get her rocker for her. I called and spoke with one of your customer service representatives. I was very upset and crying and she was very compassionate. Needless to say, we received the chair on Wednesday. Lisa's husband took the rocker to the hospital room. Lisa passed away the following morning. I just wanted you to know what a wonderful employee you have. You should be proud to have such a valuable member of your team.”Nancy G., Helena, MT

“What can I say!! Brad’s Boston Rocker was a complete surprise to him and an emotional one as well, I must say. We had his divisional party this past Wednesday, and he already has told me that he has had his morning coffee while sitting in it the last two mornings. I truly am not sure we could have given him a finer gift! For your assistance in getting it to me in plenty of time and for the exceptional quality of workmanship, I thank you most sincerely. I know as our “senior” faculty look down the road to retirement, you will probably be hearing more from us. Again, my sincerest thanks for all your assistance, beautiful craftsmanship, and cooperation. Thank you so very much again.”George P., Brockton, MA

“I am writing to thank you for the compassion you showed recently a College chair we ordered. The chair was for a retiree, who had selected a rocker as his retirement gift. The retiree, John, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, had undergone chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but the cancer had invaded multiple organs. He had been told he had less than three months to live. We were concerned that he might not live long enough to see his chair, and so our purchasing rep asked about express shipping in this case. I understand that when you learned of the medical situation at hand, you were kind enough to waive the additional express shipping fee. I can't begin to describe for you how pleased John was to receive the chair so quickly. He was in hospice care, and the rocker was not only physically comforting to him, but also emotionally satisfying as a remembrance of his time worked at the College. John died this past weekend, and on his behalf I just wanted to pass along a heartfelt "Thank you!" to you. Your compassion made it possible for him to have a better quality of life in his last weeks than would have otherwise been the case. I realize that it's not often that a supplier deals with human needs of a routine purchase order. I can assure you that your response to this unique situation will not soon be forgotten.”Anne M., VP Human Resources, Alexandria, VA

“As you are aware, I can be very critical of things if they are not, in my view, being handled as I feel they should be. I am also someone who recognizes and appreciates when people go out of their way to make things PERFECT. The employees at Standard Chair could not have done a better job in handling the 200 chair order for the Distinguish Professors Award for our University Provost’s Office. At this time, and it’s been a couple of months, I have not had a single complaint or a single issue reported to me in regards to chair imperfections or engraving issues. Standard Chair made our store look great and I wanted to take a minute and let you know how grateful I am for everyone at Standard Chair. Happy New Year and thanks again for being such a great business partner.”Carl L., St. Paul, MN

“This is just a happy note to tell you how thrilled our boss is with his recognition chair. His face lit up like a sunbeam, and he obviously enjoys the admiration everyone has expressed for the fine quality and style. Thank you for helping with this order.”Janine P., Worcester, MA

“I would like to extend my thanks for letting me purchase the college chair as a Christmas gift for my husband. He graduated in 1966 with an Associate's Degree from a school in Boston, continuing his education for his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at another school. His university days in Boston, however, remains his fondest memory. The look on his face when he opened the box will now be my fondest memory.”Rhonda Q., Bar Harbor, ME

“I appreciate your efforts in expediting the delivery of the recognition chair for Dr. Roberts. I expected that he would fail quickly and that has unfortunately proven to be the case. I delivered the chair to him at his home last week (he no longer can come into the university) and he cried when he saw it. He was looking forward to his retirement and receiving his chair at the time. The recognition chair represented a career of hard work and achievement to him. He said of it, "Now my grandchildren will have a special reminder of me after I am gone." Thank you and the staff of Standard Chair of Gardner for making Dr. Roberts happy and for giving us some small way to show our feelings for him. ”Richard M., Baton Rouge, LA

“Log of afterwork activities…Drove into carport, noticed large square box in corner hemmed in by trash cans…Thought of Ann’s question a month ago about my at home days and hours: a large UPS package was to be delivered… Dashed into house, asked Karen if she’d seen the box cleverly placed by the UPS driver so’s not to be noticed; she had…Dashed back to retrieve box; toted it inside for closer inspection; noticed Gardner, MA, and furniture labels…Began making wild, chair-type guesses: we’ve driven through Gardner on Route 2 many times, bought furniture there, too, even chairs!...Left box, change clothes, just to savor the prospect of opening the box, a common behavior: getting there is half the fun, tantalizing self-enhances pleasure…Began opening cardboard container using old hunting knife (never used by me for the purpose) with great care in order not to damage contents…Remarked on thoroughness of packing inside box as evidenced by unexpected difficulty in cutting though interior braces, know those Yankees were masters of carefulness…Lifted out the Standard Chair complete with seal over name and date of Director’s Award recipient, could not believe eyes, turned off TV news to honor the moment!... Rested buns on seat, lowering self gently into the enveloping luxury of the two-toned wood…Ran fingers (after washing) over seal, realized that legend was carved into wood, not just painted on! Class!!...Placed chair in dining area for constant surveillance during evening meal, broke reverent silence to listen to Channel 10 weather analysis (just weather, thought!)…Still oohing and aahing to self and Karen about how beautiful is this piece of furniture, truly a work of art deserving of an exhalted place in the home of the recipient…Suddenly realized that recipient was I, became near teary that someone could have been so thoughtful, generous, and surprising…After evening meal (and after washing hands again in the dish water), sat in chair, reveled in its comfort; felt like an upholstered piece, so cleverly has the wood been crafted…Noted how relaxing it was to sit in this jewel of Gardner wizardry after a full hour of enjoyment: signs of stress vanished due to some magical power, I’m sure (pride of ownership?)…During preparations for bed, began wondering how to express thanks to giver for the extraordinary recognition, thought of carrying into the office to share joy with friends there including donors, of course, but decide that was to ostentatious for me…Determined to attempt putting feelings of gratitude into writing next day as visions of gentle chair legs danced languidly in my drowsy head…. Awoke for usual nightly purpose, sat in chair briefly afterward, believe wood exuded almost visible glow, perhaps in satisfaction in finding a loving home at last!”Harold E., Chicago, IL

“I have done business with your fabulous company for years purchasing captain chairs for resident graduates. Your work is top quality.”Jared B., Tampa, FL

“Thank you so much for crafting the beautiful Boston Rocker. Our Superintendent really loved the rocking chair for his retirement gift. Thanks again.”Bonnie M., Bel Air, MD

“Thank you. We received the chair today and it is beautiful. You have been so great!!! We appreciate the good customer service.”Erica R., Peoria, IL

“We received the chair and lamp today. Dr. Haab is extremely pleased with our selections, the colors, and everything about our order.”Alicia Z., Erie, PA

“Thank you for assistance with the order for the Boston Rocker. I also appreciate you help with getting the new logo taken care of. Our claim manager was thrilled with the gift and just loved the chair. It was bittersweet to see her retire, but we felt good that we got her a beautiful gift that she will enjoy in her retirement.”Deb R., Sherman Oaks, CA

“I just wanted to thank you for helping to expedite the order for the rocking chair for my boss’s retirement party. It arrived last Thursday and it exceeded our expectations. Please thank your staff for the fine job they did.”Tanja P., New York, NY

“We received Mr. Cloutier’s chair and it is beautiful. ”Liz K., Burlington, VT

“Your chairs represent the gift of education from me to each of my grandchildren. I want these chairs to act as a symbol of achievement in education. Their sturdy structure, comfort, and finish are all symbols of education and the gateway to the future”Bernie A., Southaven, MS

“I just wanted to thank everyone there for the above and beyond call of duty effort that has been put into seeing that our resent orders are not only beautifully done but arrive here much faster than we expected. In a world where customer service has greatly deteriorated, it is obvious that your company still wants to please their customers. You are all a pleasure to work with and, on behalf of everyone here, thank you.”Lisa M., Fort Worth, TX

“I would like to thank you and college chair for your help with our skipper’s farewell gift. Our skipper and the officer wardroom were impressed with the quality of the chair and the superb customer service to make this happen. I look forward to working with your company again in the future.”John N., Washington, DC

“First, let me say thank you for delivering the rocker on time. We knew it would be close so we chose “rush” delivery…but you even got it to us a little sooner than promised. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that has excellent customer service. Next, let me say the rocker took my breath away! It is a magnificent piece of furniture with outstanding craftsmanship. Truly an heirloom piece!! We will be looking at purchasing other pieces from your collection for retirement or graduation gifts.”Ryann J., Hollis, NH

“I received the chair this morning and I just wanted to tell you how beautiful it is. The workmanship is amazing and it will be part of our family for a long time.”Ray T., Salem, MA

“Thanks so much, I just received my chair and it’s beautiful. I’m sure my family will enjoy and admire it for many years to come. You should be proud of your workmanship, detail and excellent packing before shipping…best I’ve ever seen.”Theo D., Norman, OK

“The chair came today, and I am again astounded by its look and quality. What a wonderful product! You and your family company can be justly proud of those chairs!”Gordon Y., Ogden, UT

“It has been my pleasure to have had the most remarkable experience with the staff of Standard Chair of Gardner. A caring, involved and compassionate company that provided the most professional experience imaginable. In addition, my chair possess the extraordinary craftsmanship that will offer me satisfaction and pleasure for years to come. A bravo performance (especially by the customer service representative), who were among the finest imaginable. Perfection personified on every level! ”Dean M., Ashburn, VA

“My new chair is not only perfect, it is also gorgeous. Thank you very much.”Irene E., West Allis, WI

“Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that we received the chair. It has been a delightful experience working with Standard Chair, and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again.”Lori S., Argyle, TX

“I dearly wanted to send you a quick note thanking you and Standard Chair for the incredible job you did in fulfilling the order. I know that Nate received his chair and is delighted with the outcome. Our presentation of the gift certificate and the sample pictures worked out perfectly at our end-of-year banquet; and the rapid delivery you provided helped to carry the momentum of our gift to its completion. Your professionalism and service is gratefully acknowledged and deserves loyalty.”Kaya T., Medford, OR

“Just a quick note of thanks for the beautiful chairs you made for Wayne & Deanna. They arrived on the exact day we needed them!! It was perfect!! Your customer service reps could not have been nicer or more helpful!! Thank you!!”Dana O., Atlanta, GA

“Thanks again for your assistance. You have been most patient and kind. It’s nice to do business with people who have time for you and that has all the information to answer your questions. Also, I thought we were the only business around that actually answers the telephone and not the mechanical answering service. A “real” voice is so comforting!”Daniela S., Amherst, MA

“Thank you so much for your help with this order for Ms. Nolet. She was quite thrilled to receive this gift.”Ray R., Gastonia, NC

“We received the chair and are very pleased with it. ”Delores H., Youngstown, OH

“I have enjoyed thoroughly working with your company over the past four years. I have very much appreciated the courtesy and professionalism extended throughout.”Harris S., Warwick, RI

“My chair arrived last week and I wanted to tell you how beautiful it is. The quality of the craftsmanship is unmatched! Thank you so much for facilitating my order and for the heirloom I will always cherish.”Bryce C., Cambridge, MA

“We have received the lamps and they are absolutely wonderful! Many thanks to all of the staff at Standard Chair of Gardner for their hard work.”Kerry G., Saginaw, MI

“How very happy we are with the rocker. It was perfect for our retirement party for the Direct of Counseling in our school district. It is really an elegant chair and the engraving was very classy. The recipient loved it.”KIm L., Mechanicsville, VA

“I just wanted you to know that the chairs we ordered for our graduating fellows were a resounding success! Your company did a great job and we will probably order another set next year! The order process was efficient and speedy. Thank you for all your help.”Manuel U., Orlando, FL

“Your company is always a pleasure to deal with. We have used your product as a gift to our graduating residents for the past six years. We have always received superior service and were delivered high quality, correctly personalized chairs. Our compliments to your craftsmen and all your staff.”Rosa N., Plymouth, MN

“Thanks for the good work the chair is awesome.”Warren F., Butte, MT

“I can’t think of any words that could amply express to you how much I appreciate the timely fashion in which you completed and shipped the boston rocker to me for Dr. Gewritz. It was the most beautifully rocker I have ever seen. You and your staff are to be commended for the excellent work you did. Thank you, thank you. Dr. Gewritz was extremely pleased and surprised. I will definitely spread the word of your work so that anyone else who may want either the chair, rocker, or lamp will know to contact you. ”Camila P., Albuquerque, NM

“I just wanted to write to you and let you know how beautiful the Boston Rocker we ordered is. Everyone was very impressed with the quality and look of the chair and especially the engraving of the logo and name. We were proud to present it to our Council Member who was leaving office, who was as equally impressed and excited to receive it. She said she will treasure it always. Thank you so much for helping me with the order. We received the chair ahead of schedule and in perfect condition. You must be very proud of your company and the excellent craftsmanship which your products contain. We look forward to placing another order and knowing we will receive something of the highest quality. Thanks again to you and your exceptionally talented company!”Sylvia R., Columbia, SC

“Thank you for your efficiency…You really “saved my life” by shipping the chair early. And it is more handsome than your photo. It was indeed a pleasure working with you.”Laila K., Highland, CA

“I know I am very pleased with your product and I hear from many customers who have ordered chairs from you, how happy and pleased the recipient was. Keep up the great work and extend my gratitude to all of your employees. Thanks again for such a superb performance.”Glen I., Waterloo, IA

“I just wanted to let you know that the directors are very pleased with their chairs. They’re impressed with the workmanship of the chair (or rocker) and the logo. Considering that each chair was personalized, they were also impressed with how quickly the chairs were delivered. One director said he was going to pass along your brochure to an organization to which he belongs; I’m sure others are thinking the same. ”Connie D., Hamilton, NY

“I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you and your staff for the cooperation and prompt delivery of the rocker. The quality is first rate and we are all impressed and delighted with the results. I realize that you were given very short notice, but you came through beautifully! You can be assured that your company will be the first to come to mind the next time we are planning a commemorative event.”Ann S., Four Oaks, NC

“I would like to personally thank you and your staff for the marvelous workmanship displayed on the fourteen captain’s chairs that we ordered in April. Our entire faculty, staff and student body were quite impressed with the excellent caliber of this product and the obvious caring attitude of your staff in every aspect from design, to engraving, and even to the quality of the packaging. It has been a pleasure to do business with you, and since we have now established this chair as a traditional gift when someone serves at this school for twenty-five years, we expect to talk again to you next spring and hopefully for years to come.”Yolanda M. Oxford, CT

“I would like to tell you what a pleasure it was dealing with your company during our resent purchase of the Boston Rocker for our retired director. The service was beyond excellent, the response to our requested shipping time was beyond excellent, and the finished product was beautiful. Your company is to be commended – seems like real good teamwork to me!”Janice W., Brookfield, WI

“I would like to thank you in making our first retirement dinner such a pleasant and memorable night. We have received nothing but praise and compliments from people who attended the dinner concerning the rocking chairs that were presented as gifts. I wish to pass the praise to you and your employees. It is because of people like you who give so generously of their time and energy that our association can service the interest of our colleagues. Family members are already putting claims on the chairs of the retirees. I hope that we will be able to work with you again for our “annual” retirement dinner. Thank you once again for your time and energy.”Sharon B., Cranbury, NJ

“The “Boston Rocker” we ordered was certainly a big hit!! Everyone who contributed towards the rocker thought it was beautiful and loved the engraved seal. Personalizing with her name and years of service really gave our gift the personal touch. She was thoroughly impressed and is still talking about her rocker. Also, we appreciate the prompt and efficient service we received – the chair was even received two days earlier than expected! Thank you again for the beautiful rocker and also the efficient service we received. We certainly plan to remember Standard Chair for our future retirement presentations.”Winn M., Laramie, WY

“It’s a good feeling when you know you’re scored a major coup. That’s the way I felt on the night of the Club’s Annual Meeting when our incoming President presented the out-going President with his “Chair”. Everyone was very impressed and very pleased. The chair is now at Headquarters where a special corner has been created just for it. This is going to be a much sought after prize for years to come. I only wish we had met you sooner. Looking forward to a continuing relationship.”Antonio V., Brunswick, GA

“We are very pleased with the lamp and quality of the engraving and workmanship. Although I have ordered two beautiful Boston Rockers in the past for retiring employees, this is the first time an order was placed for the Heritage Lamp. It is even nicer than I expected it to be. Thank you for providing such wonderful keepsake products which allow for truly special presentations and for the first class customer service that can be relied upon for complete satisfaction.”Meredith D., Redding, CA

“We love the chair that you did for Mr. Granger. As you know this was our first order and it was everything that you advertise and more! You don’t get that too often these days. The logo looks better than the one that we have using for our ads, etc., so we are very pleased and plan to use the chairs and/or lamps for retiring trustees, etc. ”Veronica K., Carson City, NV

“It was a distinct pleasure working with you. You can be sure that I will recommend Standard Chair of Gardner every chance I get.”Don S., Lancaster, PA

“I am a totally satisfied customer only too willing to recommend your company’s products to anyone who remarks about the chair in my family room. Thanks again for your excellent service.”Tina M., Shreveport, LA

“You can be assured that I will spread the word that Standard Chair is a company that cares about its customers. Thank you for being a caring business and treating me right.”Dawn S., Tonawanda, NY

“I wanted to write and thank you again for your help and patience in getting the chair. My roommate was thrilled! Thanks!”Tim G., Culpeper, VA

“Recently the our bank placed an order for five Standard Chairs from Gardner. When the chairs were delivered and the boxes opened, I was completely in awe of the unremarkable beauty of each engraved piece. It was truly an honor for me to present this special chair to each recipient at our annual director and management dinner. Thank you for helping our bank make this a special memorable event for those who received your outstanding work of art.”Stuart K., Cedar Rapids, IA

“The rocker is BEAUTIFUL! Our honoree loves it. Thank you.”Audrey B., Asheville, TN

“The chair for my son’s college graduation arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for the great service. The chair is beautiful.”Leon T., Dayton, OH

“Thanks again for the great service. As always, everyone loves the chair and the quality of workmanship.”Glenda S., Jonesboro, AR

“The chair is beautiful! I’m sure Father Jacques will love it. ”Nancy J., Leominster, MA

“Your chairs were beautiful & a big hit with the honorees. ”Gene W., Littleton, CO

“Thank you so much for your prompt service. The two rocking chairs are spectacular and our committee was impressed. I’m sure the Bishop and his sister will also be. Thank you for your help.”Karla Z., Edison, NJ

“Thank you so much for working with us to provide such a lovely gift for our colleague. I am grateful for your assistance and will happily tout your products.”Doris R., Valdosta, GA

“The chair arrived in plenty of time…it’s beautiful - and best of all – he loved it!”Amanda A., Torrington, CT

“Thank you for handling our order for the Standard Chair with our logo, in such a timely manner. The quality and crafting of such a fine piece of furniture definitely made an impressive gift.”Felicia U., Mustang, OK

“We will be in touch if any of our teachers lets us know they are retiring. So far – no news. We have been delighted with our last order. Thank you for a wonderful gift idea.”Norma W., Monroeville, PA

“We thank you so much for your help with this order. The chair was lovely, and Dr. Rivera appreciated it greatly.”Pasley H., Carmel, IN

“Thanks again for all of your help. Everyone is very impressed with the chair which will be presented to him next week. May have another order in the coming weeks for one of my former colleagues who is retiring.”Loretta R., Eau Claire, WI

“We just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the fine workmanship involved, and the excellent job of engraving that included our seal and personalization. It is perfect. I want to express my appreciation to your personally for the help you provided in guiding us through the order process, and the special patience you had in giving me advice on the seal, and its preparation for engraving. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. Thank you again.”Phyllis L., Westminster, MD

“Would like to thank you for the two chairs you created for our thirty year employees. They really looked nice & were well liked and appreciated. ”Jesse T., Bangor, ME

“It is always refreshing in this day and age to find a company that is willing to give prompt and friendly customer service, and to back the quality of the product that they produce.”Brett D., Salinas, CA

“The two chairs I ordered are just beautiful. My husband was surprised and delighted. He hasn’t decided whether to leave them at home or take them to his office. I’m hoping they stay here! You have a wonderful staff. Thank you.”Tonya K., St. Cloud, MN

“We placed our first order with you about eighteen months ago and I am happy to say we are ordering four more chairs and a lamp. Your products are perfect gifts for our retirees and I hope to continue this tradition. ”Stanley F., Lexington, VA

“What wonderful gifts your chair made to our outgoing chairman. They were both touched by their beauty and the thoughtfulness of the gift.”Ally E., Springfield, KY

“The chair is fabulous!! ”Annette N., Mountainside, NJ

“At our annual alumni dinner we awarded a “Captain’s Chair” to our College’s president who is retiring at the end of the year. He was extremely touched and loves the chair. Of course the alumni received all the credit, but the real thanks goes to you at Standard Chair. Getting the chair to us on time and in perfect condition was greatly appreciated. You are an excellent company! There were members of the College’s Foundation in the audience who loved the chair as well. The Alumni Association and the Foundation are interested in doing more with products offered by Standard Chair. Thank you for making the dinner a great success by providing this chair. It was the perfect recognition for our President and I hope we can do more together in the future.”Vincent C., Somerville, MA

“We are very pleased with the chairs – the delivery arrived well ahead of schedule and the chairs look just great! Thank you so much for your assistance with this order. I will keep your brochure on file, and I am sure I will be ordering from you again in the future.”Gina N., Rutland, VT

“Thanks for everything. The chair and lamp are beautiful! I’m sure we will order another type chair for the Sheriff’s birthday in April.”Melissa I., Billings, MT

“Just a note of thanks! The chair arrived on time and in good shape. It was made beautifully and was much appreciated.”Rhonda M., Anderson, SC

“We received the lamp and rocker for Dr. Lee today! We love both of them and believe he will also. Thank you for getting these to us promptly. Now we can plan a party!!!”Vanessa Q., Venice, FL

“The chair arrived in plenty of time and it was well received at the presentation.”Charlene R., York, PA

“Thank you very much for expediting our order. The lamp is beautiful and everyone is very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. Hopefully others will want on in the future. I took photographs and will provide them to the other offices around the country if they are interested.. The lamp makes an outstanding going away gift. I am retired and wished we had made contact earlier. The lamps would make great retirement gifts. I will try to get some follow-up orders. Thanks again for all of your help.”Andrew H., Omaha, NE

“Just a quick note to say many thanks for your help and consideration in sending the chair to my son. It arrived in perfect shape. Again many thanks.”Teresa O., Greenville, NC

“We look forward to receiving the chair and presenting it to Councilwoman Jones who, we are sure, will treasure it always. This will be our third rocking chair we have given to retiring Council Members. Two years ago we gave a rocker to a retiring Council Member and within the year he became a Grampa for the first time, so we feel it getting great use. They are beautiful rocking chairs and everyone here has always been very happy with the quality and workmanship. I am confident this chair will be no exception as well and we will not be disappointed.”Sondra F., Brandon, MS

“We love the chair – great job!”Tari S., Idalou, TX

“In July I ordered directly a Standard Chair from you and another from a bookstore. Your verification was much appreciated with respect to the chair and I am pleased to note that they arrived safely and in fine condition today. I opened the boxes while an interested client looked on and he immediately decided to be the first to give them a “test sit”. They passed the test elegantly! Thank you for a fine set of chairs and I look forward to ordering additional ones soon.”Matthew B., Cumberland, RI

“The chair was beautiful & we appreciate the fast delivery.”Erin Y., Lebanon, MO

“Thank you for your cooperation and effort in the manufacture of the special chair. ”Dani T., Bear, DE

“We received the rocker much in advance of our needed date, and are SO appreciative of that. It is beautiful and everyone has been coming up to see it before we present it tomorrow. Thank you so much for your attention to such detail and we are looking forward to receiving the lamp we’ve ordered and anticipate ordering the swivel desk chair. We have several months before we’ll need that, so I won’t wait until the last moment to get that ordered. Thanks again for the rapid response AND the wonderful product!”Tommy J., Baldwinsville, NY

“The chair was a big hit – and it’s beautiful!”Marla P., Tallulah, LA

“Our staff was very pleased with the chair and engraving. It was presented with pride last evening to our retiring colleague. He was also very pleased with this gift. Thank you so much for taking such courteous care of our rush order. It arrived two days ahead of schedule in beautiful condition. I am sure staff and the City will want to make future orders of your quality products.”Laura K., Mesa, AZ

“Enclosed please find a check for our laser engraved Heritage Lamp. Although I have not seen it as it was shipped to our conference destination in the city. I have no doubt that it is perfect and therefore paying prior to ensuring it isn’t broken or anything- heaven forbid!! I would like to thank you for the service rendered, the time spent explaining everything to me etc. I will be in touch next year as soon as I find out what my needs will be. I apologize for the short notice given your company, and again thank you for your excellent service.”Cassidy N., Spokane, WA

“Thanks so much for your beautiful workmanship! Our guest of honor truly enjoys his gift!”Darla A., Hoffman Estates, IL

“The chairs are beautiful! They came on Thursday. Just in time for our celebration. Thank you for making this occasion perfect.”Ricki G., Traverse City, MI

“I take this opportunity to comment on the professionalism and quality of the employees at Standard Chair of Gardner. Everything went perfect form the initial contact with your Company to the final delivery of the two chairs we ordered. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to your employees and tell them to keep up the good work. It is this type of service and response that makes our free enterprise system work. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.”Lidia M., Roswell, GA

“Thank you for your help. We were very impressed with your company’s professionalism. The chair is beautiful.”Gloria J., East Windsor, NJ

“The chair is beautiful! We can’t wait to give it to Mr. Fields. Thank you for doing such a great job. It exceeded our expectations.”Marlene A., Fort Wayne, IN

“The chairs are wonderful! Thank you again. ”Olive U., Alexandria, LA

“I can’t tell you how please we are with the lamp, it’s beautiful! I’m sure my retiring boss will also be very pleased. I will be passing the information file, I’ve started on your company, to the president’s office, hopefully for future business!”Rosario B., Anaheim, CA

“It is the most beautiful lamp I have ever seen.”Madeline W., Juneau, AK

“My associate, Ken Herriman, and I very much appreciate the effort you made on our behalf to deliver our chair in a very timely manner. This was outstanding service on very short notice from us, and we are most appreciative. Although we are undoubtedly not a large customer of yours, we intend to remain a loyal one. Many thanks again.”Arthur R., Clinton, MA

“The chair is beautiful! Thanks so much. Everyone who has seen it wants one. Thanks again.”Frank O., Durango, CO

“Our recipient was absolutely delighted when he was presented with his beautiful chair.”Cam P., Huntsville, AL

“The rocker is very beautiful and will be cherished by our retiring staff member.”Billye J., Lincolnton, NC

“The chair is beautiful :) All of our teachers were so pleased with it. We appreciate the workmanship that has gone into our gift. Thanks for your hardwork.”Jody I., Pasadena, TX

“Thank you very much for your prompt response to my order. The chair was beautiful! Everyone, both presenters and the recipient, was very happy with such a meaningful gift.”Toni H., Geneseo, NY

“It a word: thanks! The captain’s chair ordered recently as a retirement gift is to be presented to Ben Siegel, VP during a dinner this evening with our company’s Board of Directors, management and his family. This chair engraved with the University seal will be especially meaningful for Ben, as a Library Fund for Cooperative Law has been established in his name at the University. So, this is to extend my personal thanks for your efforts in accomplishing a task I thought might be too difficult given the constraints of time. Pleas extend my appreciation to your employees for their assistance, too. Having ‘things’ come together when it’s required is a critical part of my job; thanks to each of you for your help with this project and for providing a beautiful chair which, I’m sure, will be treasured by the Siegel family.”Mia S., Chantilly, VA

“We certainly have been pleased with the two chairs we have ordered from you. Your staff is always most helpful and courteous and we couldn’t believe how fast we received the chair in January. Thanks for being such a delight to deal with.”Heidi L., Cheyenne, WY

“Just a brief note to let you know how pleased we are with the Boston Rocker. Everyone who has seen are impressed! I know Mr. Gibson will love it. Thank you for your expertise service.”Silas C., Westfield, MA

“Thank you very much for your prompt attention to our Boston Rocker order. It was a terrific retirement gift, and was very much appreciated by our retiree! I’m sure we’ll be using your services again in the future, so please keep our logo emblem on hand! Thank you one again!”Bethany T., Sioux City, IA

“The engraved Boston Rocker that your furniture company provided for my retired boss is beautiful. I truly appreciate your fast service – the Rocker arrived at the college a few days ago. Thank you again and hope to order something for the next memorable event.”Lenny V., Quinby, SC

“On behalf of the officers, directors and employees of our bank, we want to tell you how pleased we are with the chairs and lamps crafted by your company. Last year we searched to find some type of service award for employees with longevity and I came across your brochure. Our first order was the Boston Rocker for an employee with 25 years of service. She was thrilled! For employees with 15 years of service, we ordered the Heritage Lamp. At the first presentation of the lamp, everyone was wanting to know how to receive one. We are now ordering those for our directors in addition to officers and employees. Thanks for exceptional quality of work and your rapid response to our orders.”Johanna N., Binghamton, NY

“Thank you for the timely shipment of 12 Captain’s Chairs for the benefit of the Learning Center. Half of the chairs were presented at our dinner on February 7 and were wonderfully received. I’m most happy with the results and hope we can find enough donors this year to order another batch. You were most helpful.”Carolyn R., Concord, NH

“The Board was very happy with the rockers. We will certainly be a repeat client. Thanks again for making my order so very easy – your staff is great too!”Cheryl D., Frankfort, KY

“Thank you so much for your help and workmanship on our chair. It is beautiful and just what our retiring grandmother will use. Thanks again and I’m sure we’ll call again.”Will M., Nampa, ID

“What a wonderful gift for our retiring Board Member! The chair is even nicer than I expected, and we were delighted to receive the chair earlier than anticipated. Please pass on our appreciation to your staff.”Kris M., Chesterfield, MO

“Thanks so much – the chairs are beautiful! Will probably want more in the spring!”Louise N., Ogunquit, ME

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us to receive a Standard Chair for our City Manager in time for our City Christmas party on December 13. In fact, it was shipped in time for us to receive the chair on 12/11. The City Manager was very surprised, and really loves the chair. It made quite an impact on the 200+ people in attendance at our party. Thanks again for your help, and thanks to your customer service representatives for their help. Have great holiday season”Marcia Y., Hoboken, NJ

“Once again, our sincere appreciation for a job well done and excellent service as well.”Shiloh L., Canton, OH

“Thank you for your assistance in providing for a wonderful retirement gift. We hope to use your service in the future. Thank you again.”Joyce F., Hagerstown, MD

“The chair has arrived without damage and in accordance with the order. Thank you for your prompt and accurate processing of my order. I hope to have further orders for you in the future.”Andrea K., Springfield, IL

“Thank you so much. The chairs are beautiful.”Mohammed S., Corpus Christi, TX

“The retirement part was a great success and we had all the guests sign the presentation poster. Judge Sheldon was a most unusual and charismatic man. Unfortunately he passed away shortly after his party. He did get to see his chair which arrived just before his sudden and unexpected departure. When I paid a condolence call, I was amazed to see that the family had set up the rocking chair next to the casket. We obviously selected the right gift. Thank you for your wonderful cooperation.”Ilene, S. , Acadia, FL

“I wish to express my thanks to you and to those people at Standard Chair for the excellent work and great effort that was accomplished in assembling a chair which honored Mr. Daxton. The chair was delivered to the Holiday Inn, and held there for the Nov. 1st annual dinner and get together of the members. A big worry to me was that Mr. Daxton lives some distance away and had to drive in the pouring rain. I didn’t know if he would go at all but he did! The person who made the presentation got there too, although he didn’t have to go nearly as far. It worked out just great and I understand the chair was beautiful. So I am happy the whole thing worked out just fine and I want you to know that it did. Again, many thanks to you and to the man or men in the shop for their excellent workmanship. Much appreciated indeed.”Franny O., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you very much for expediting the delivery of the wonderful rocking chair and lamp to honor Dr. Hart. We had the presentation this afternoon, and he was as excited as we are. Now that you have our seal on file, we would hope that future festivities honoring our staff would include a chair from your company. The Executive Director of the Hospital School, was as pleased as we are. We thank you again and look forward to future relationships.”Noelle P., St. Paul, MN

“Last week the two chairs I had ordered for my wife and me arrived at our home. We could not be more pleased with them. They are beautifully made and the engraving is perfection. Over time we hope to honor our children and spouses with your chairs for their homes. Thanks for your fine service and exacting response to our order.”Samuel M., San Francisco, CA

“The Standard Chair that you engraved for Principal Michaels was received on time and in perfect condition. Everyone is thrilled with the quality and workmanship. The lettering and engraving is spectacular. I’m sure Mr. Michaels will be most surprised and will treasure the gift. Thank you for your prompt service and delivery. It was a pleasure to do business with you.”Jenna D., Gainesville, FL

“I just wanted to thank you for the rush service and quality job on the chair we ordered. It turned out wonderfully. The banquet when well and the presentation of the chair was the highlight. Professor Holland has it proudly displayed in his office, and has been heard telling colleagues to come sit in his chair. Thank you again.”Bree A., Provo, UT

“Recently, we purchased a Boston Rocker form Standard Chair for our retiring vice president of marketing services. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the professional manner in which our order was handled. It is somewhat rare these days to find companies who seem to value their customers and make the effort necessary to provide quality products and make shipments on time. You are to be congratulated for having such a fine organization. Incidentally, Mr. Winfield was delighted with the rocker.”Marcus L., Schenectady, NY

“A quick note to say “many thanks’” for the beautiful job you did on the rocker for our gift to Dr. Becker. He was thrilled… and I know he’ll enjoy it for many years to come!”Lexi V., Christiansburg, VA

“You and your staff worked a miracle again. My staff and I just had to take a minute out of our busy schedule (our graduation is Monday!) to send a BIG THANKS to all of you! I received a call last Thursday morning from our President’s Office. The President wanted a personalized chair for our Dean of Students who announced that she would be leaving the College. While she announced that quite a while ago, I only received the call about their wanting a chair on Thursday. And, of course, the presentation of the chair was to be seven days later (with Memorial Day holiday in there!) Miracle of miracles, the chair arrived on Wednesday !! We can express our thanks to you via this letter. We can express our thanks to your very pleasant telephone folks when we call them to place our next order. But we know there are a lot of people behind the scenes that get our rush orders (is there any other kind?) out so quickly, efficiently, and beautifully. It is our hope that you may have some space that is used by everyone-a break are or something-where you could post this banner so that we can send our thanks along to the craftspeople who built the chair, the people who packaged and shipped it, and the people who will invoice us. We love doing business with you folks! Thanks!”Amilynne W., Topeka, KS

“I am writing to tell you how much our hospital has appreciated the service of your company. We have been ordering your lamps and rocking chairs for several years. The quality of your product is excellent, and the service has been wonderful. We have been giving a lamp or chair outgoing officers and medical staff and somehow we always seem to be ordering at the last minute. Your customer service department has been unfailingly helpful in getting our orders to us in time. We had a rush order and she did everything she could to get a lamp to us in time for the function. The lamp did get to us in time, and our president was very happy. The quality of the engraving has been uncompromised by our last minute ordering. Thank you very much!”Ruth Ann C., Winfield, AL

“Let me commend your company on producing such a fine piece of furniture. Last evening we presented the chair to our principal at his retirement dinner. There were many “oooohs” and “aaaahs” when we brought out the chair. Most of the staff had not seen the chair before that night, and they were all so very pleased. Our principal was just totally delighted with his gift. Needless to say, the chair was a huge hit with everyone.”Fay K., Morgantown, WV

“I hope we can do business again. Everyone was delighted with your workmanship. Mr. Thomas and I were equally impressed with your friendliness and terrific attention. Thanks for all you did in such a short time. You can be sure the word has already been spread to many schools in the area.”Karen T., Longview, WA

“The Heritage Lamp received many accolades from the guest.”Darrell G., Pflugerville, TX

“It is not often you find such nice people to do business with. Rest assured that as long as you are in business, we will be in touch every year.”Sasha D., Stamford, CT

“Thank you for being so wonderfully cooperative and helpful. Your organization is simply the best and I want to go on record to say that you have been simply superb. Everyone to whom I have spoken has been so cooperative.”Monica F., Beaverton, OR

“Received chair and lamp – are “most beautifullest” furniture.”Win Z., Raton, NM

“I would like to comment on the impact that chair made on the recipient. There was nothing but smiles, thank-you’s, and warmth. It really is the “Perfect” gift. You simultaneously created a problem…now what do we do for the next retiree? (Let me guess your answer!) Thanks again for the very professional service. It is a fine piece of furniture backed up by a fine company.”Adele D., Bloomington, MN

“The chairs are just beautiful! We were all so pleased with the way they turned out . Our retirees will love them. Thanks for a job well done. ”Hanna I., Shrewsbury, MA

“As you know, we have selected you to supply us with college chairs. This selection was based on the quality and workmanship built into your chair along with the customer service your provide. In our plant tour, we were most impressed by the skills of the production craftsmen along with their obvious pride and caring in crafting the chair. We look forward to a long and pleasant relationship.”Bob L., Los Angeles, CA

“Chairs were a big hit, thanks again for your help.”Miles J., Rochester, NY

“Thank you so much – the chair was PERFECT. The “receiver” (our retiring principal) loved it. It went over very well & we are very pleased.”Amy H., Seymour, WI

“Thank you not only for your quick service but also for the nice way you do business. All our residents look forward to getting the rockers. They really are magnificent.”Ron P., Englishtown, NJ

“I am writing to express my pleasure in doing business with your company Standard Chair. We were delighted with the quality & craftsmanship of the college chairs we ordered. Notably, we were impressed with the representatives who helped us coordinate the delivery of our orders in time for Christmas. They were courteous, friendly, and highly efficient. I would especially like to commend one rep who took special care, and made extra phone calls to help us assure a timely delivery. It was a very positive experience doing business with you and your excellent staff.”Luciana N., Murfreesboro, TN

“How can we thank you enough for the rush order for the chair for our retiring trooper. The chair is beautiful!! He was thrilled! It is a pleasure to deal with such professional and skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.”Jordan B., Miami, FL

“Again, thank you for such an excellent job and product! These chairs are the talk around the teaching profession in town.”Penny C., Aberdeen, SD

“It is very rare, that I have the opportunity to work with a vendor that is so cooperative. You certainly made my job easier. It made it very clear to me, that you wanted me to be satisfied with the chair. The sale came second to customer satisfaction.”Lyla S., Brookeville, NY

“Ziva has received her chair and is absolutely thrilled with it! ”Evie L., Townsend, DE

“WOW! Fantastic lamps. :) How very thoughtful – I truly appreciate it. Thank you. I apologized for being so tardy in sending this note. I confess work has been hectic – but I come home and really enjoy the craftsmanship & brightness your lamp brings to my living room.”Charli W., Detroit, MI

“The rockers were a big hit! They are beautiful.”Rosa A., San Juan, PR

“I am more than completely satisfied with the quality of the chair, the service provided & the professional & friendly manner. Thanks again for all your help & I will let the Alumni Association know of your excellent service.”Lin M., Redwood City, CA

“Just a quick note of thanks for having the chair made and shipped to us in only two days. It was a big hit at the going away party. We may have started a trend.”Jaqui B., Harrisonburg, VA

“The Boston Rocker and Heritage lamp arrived safely. We presented them soon to our grandson and his bride and they are thrilled deeply! Your wood engravers reproduced the emblem handsomely. We congratulate them and the support staff!”Rachellle K., Henniker, NH

“I recently had the pleasure of ordering several items from Standard Chair of Gardner, and would like to take a moment to tell you about my experience. We decided to present a gift to our departing board members, and your lamps seemed just the right thing. Your helpful staff made the ordering process easy. The lamps arrived right on schedule, and we were very impressed with their quality and elegance. In short, they were a great success.”Natalia V., Summerton, SC

“Thanks for a great product & great, friendly service!”Jake Q., Buffalo Grove, IL

“Thank you so much for the help your employees provided in my ordering of a rocking chair this month. Each person I spoke to was helpful and friendly – from the personal who answered the phone to the art department who helped design the logo. The chair was delivered promptly (as promised) in a very short time span. And, my husband loves the chair with his personalized logo. Your company should be proud of the workmanship on the chair and of the professionalism of your employees. I will readily recommend you to others. Thank you so much!”Leighann T., Lonoke, AR

“The Rear Admiral was very pleased with the chair, as were we, and will treasure it as a lasting memento.”Rick D., Washington, DC

“Just had to write and thank you and your company for all the wonderful service you have given us over the years. I am retiring as of June 30 since I have vacation my last day is June 16th. I was just looking back on our orders to you. I can’t believe it has been 8 years since we started. I feel as if I know you, so I had to write and tell you that the Swivel Chair I ordered for myself is going home with me. It was so thoughtful of you to put the monogram that I wanted on it. It has been a real pleasure working with you, I will not forget. ”Doreen G., Saco, ME

“Enclosed is a check for the chair we have given to our principal. She was totally surprised when it appeared at Class Day exercises. Everyone who has seen the chair has admired it and we gave your company credit in our resent school newsletter. Thank you for a beautiful product, its timely arrival and your assistance in keeping it a secret from the principal, you and your company have certainly left us with a good first impression.”Bette H., Douglasville, GA

“You did a tremendous job.”Jim G., Hobbs, NM

“We have received the chair and it looks very elegant. Your chars are unique pieces of furniture that are finely crafted and emote graceful tradition.”Dusty G., Syracuse, NY

“I want to express my thanks for your promptness in delivery of our order and the quality of the chairs. I will definitely use Standard Chair in the future for our Faculty retirement gifts.”Donna W., Chicago, IL

“My boss was very pleased with the chair. Thank you so much!”Jodi H., Somerset, MA

“The chair arrived in perfect condition. It is beautiful. The engraving is very nicely done. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I was most impressed with the fact that I was able to speak directly with you. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long business relationship.”Yoshi E., Lincoln, NE

“Thank you so much for ensuring my order for the engraved Boston Rockers. The honorees absolutely loved them and brought pride to our board members & officers to be able to present them. Thanks again for your excellent service.”Kelsey F., Monterey, CA

“Thanks for the wonderful work & quick turnaround. The chair was beautiful & was a huge success as a gift for the retiree.”Paula C., Westlake, OH

“Chair was beautiful – everyone loved it!”Meg M., Elba, AL

“Last Friday, we presented the three rocking chairs to our retiring members. All three individuals were extremely pleased to receive such a beautiful and unique gift for their retirement. The chair also drew rave reviews from the rest of the membership. They were pleased with the idea of such a wonderful new tradition and marveled at both the attractiveness and the quality of the chairs. I want to thank you for all your assistance in helping us set up the initial design of the chair. Having the ability to “talk” through the design with you on the telephone made placing the order a very simple process. I also want to compliment you on your staff. During the several phone conversations I had with one of your customer service reps, she was most helpful and friendly in assisting us with our order. Lastly, as I mentioned to you on the telephone, several of the teachers here saw the chairs before we presented them. They, too, fell in love with them and suggested that we design a chair just for the High School retirees. I hope to place that order before the end of the month. Thank you again for all your cooperation and assistance. I look forward to ordering many more chairs from you in the future.”Dennis R., Tarrytown, NY

“My compliments to you - the chair was delivered on/before the due date. Everyone loved the chair (the recipient as well as the person who contributed to its purchase)! We will keep you in mind for future gifts/occasions and, if/when an opportunity arises, I/we’ll recommend you to others! Thanks again for a job well done and a beautiful product!”Estelle G., Coatesville, PA

“The gifts were a HUGE success! Everyone at the party ooh-ed and ahh-ed when the boxes were opened. Everything was found to be in perfect condition. Dr. Hughes commented that his computer chair had broken just that morning, and Mrs. Benjamin, our librarian, is thrilled with the lamp that has already found a home in her new study at her home.”Alexa Y., Big Stone Gap, VA

“Dr. Patel loved the chair!”Drew C., Windsor, VT

“This note is to thank you and advise you that the chair I ordered arrived in perfect condition and has provided great joy to me and to my wife for whom it was a gift. I appreciate your service and quality.”Leah T., Clinton, IA

“Thanks for your usual excellent service & product. Expect future orders.”Suzette L., Aurora, CO

“Thank you for your excellent service and fine products. We’ll enjoy our lamp for years to come.”Marc J., Kosciusko, MS

“The chairs are absolutely beautiful and we are extremely pleased.”Jazz F., Lamar, MO

“We received the chair it looks great. We all look forward to presenting it to our friend on June 6. Thanks for all your help and cooperation.”Joshua R., Pawtucket, RI

“We have received the chair. We love it. Thank you.”Denise S., Cooks, MI

“Thank you for great service, great Rocker and great price! We’re spreading the word about your company.”Karla I., Manchester, KY

“Received the chairs – they are lovely!!”Sami K., Anchorage, AK

“The Rocker is Beautiful! All the teachers have been by to look at it. We all hope we get one when we retire. It will be presented on June 10th. I know he will be overjoyed. Thanks!”Alma D., Maricopa, AZ

“This is a very overdue thank you for the wonderful service you provided for our University. It is very much appreciated. Everyone receiving their rockers or chairs loved them. Compliments were abound on the beauty and quality of your work!”Pat B., Watertown, WI

“Thanks for being so prompt and pleasant to work with in obtaining the 2 chairs for our recipients. They were a big hit. Thanks again.”Chalotte S., Clemson, SC

“What a pleasure it is dealing with Standard Chair.”Elizabeth N., Manvel, NC

“I was totally thrilled with the quick delivery, the beauty of the chair and just wanted to thank you and let you know that you’ve made a routine Christmas extremely special.”April H., Xenia, OH

“Thank you so much for a beautiful product!”Barbara E., Washington, DC

“Just a quick note to say thank you again for the support you have given to us as we prepare for our Annual Meeting this year. The lamps were a terrific hit among both the recipients and the general membership on whose behalf they were presented.”Lise F., Western Springs, IL

“I wish to thank you for a job well done on our resent order of Boston Rockers. Once again, thank you and the chairs came out perfect.”Fiona S., Glendora, CA

“Just a note to thank you and your staff for the most professional manner in which you handled our recent large chair order, which commemorated our 175th Anniversary. Please pass my thanks on to all that were involved. The chairs were a great hit with our agents and employees, and will make a lasting memory of the great occasion.” Wayne L., St. Louis, MO

“Thank you for the “rush job” the chairs are beautiful – as always! The recipients loved them.”Sheila W., Charlotte, NC

“I just wanted to thank you & every one @ Standard Chair for the courtesy, on-time delivery, and the BEAUTIFUL chair. The craftsmanship & courtesy are much appreciated. Thank you!”Lynne B., Franklin Lakes, NJ

“Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship of your products. We were very pleased with the engraved Boston Rocker that we ordered for one of our retires. I’m sure that they will enjoy the chair for years to come!”Danni L., Longmeadow, MA

“Standard Chair provided excellent customer service and impeccable quality. The recipients were very pleased with their gifts and I want to thank you for that!”Keiko T., Livingston, TX

“A quick memo to say “thanks once again” for the truly superb customer service last week. Last week we were struggling mightily to get a very rush-rush lamp order delivered on time, only to hit a delivery snag. A record search showed that I had in fact given you the wrong address for delivery (the street was “Avenue” instead of the “Drive” I gave you. My error all the way.) Regardless, your customer service rep more than rose to the occasion, and did everything within her power to get the lamp delivered on time. I truly appreciate this “beyond the call of duty” customer support and just want to thank you one more time. I look forward to many more good lamps and chairs together, and will endeavor to get the address right in the future! Thanks again and all the best to you all. Hooray for Standard Chair!”John A., Augusta, ME

“Thank you for the proficient way in which you responded to my swivel chair needs. The chair is working perfectly!”Margot C., Bethesda, MD

“On behalf of the entire staff, thank you so much for rocking chairs again this year. We appreciate very much the opportunity to be able to present our retiring teachers with such a high quality and truly heirloom parting gift! The past recipients of these chairs have been extremely pleased receiving their wonderful and very special rocking chair. I know our two retiring teachers this year will be thrilled when they receive their extraordinary “heirloom” rocking chairs.”Janet T., Stuart, FL

“I just wanted to take this time to say thank you for a job well done. The additional brass plate and lettering for the chair was perfect. You and your colleagues at Standard Chair of Gardner worked very hard to ensure that the additional plate request was shipped to us within a timely fashion. I’m not sure if any additional hours were put into making sure that we received the plate by our deadline, but what I do know is that it was here on time. Prior to our deadline. Thank you again for all your help during this busy time of year. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.”Leann J., Portland, IN

“The 5 swivel desk chairs arrived without any problem and are just beautiful! Thanks so much for your helpfulness. It was a pleasure doing business with your company.”Grady M., Oelwein, IA

“I just had to tell you that the chairs just arrived and they are fabulous! The packing boxes were amazing and the chairs gorgeous. Thank you all so much for a quality product that our faculty will enjoy for generations. I can hardly wait to deliver these two.”Sherrye G., Buchanan. GA

“This is my third year in ordering these chairs for our outgoing Chief Residents. They look forward to receiving this chair as much as they do their certificates of completion. The craftsmanship and the way the chair presents itself is fantastic. Until next year, thank you and your staff for a wonderful keepsake product.”Juanita N., New Rochelle, NY

“Thanks again for the truly remarkable effort your folks made on my behalf in getting the chair out to my customer in Florida last week. You can’t do any better than “same day turnaround,” and I appreciate all your efforts very much. Take care, good luck and thanks again for the outstanding service last week!”Melanie B., Rocky Mount, VA

“Thank you all for making the perfect lamp the Governor loved it! We will be putting photos of the presentation on our website.”SandraLee J., Concord, MA

“Through her college employer, my wife recently received a chair from your company. I have worked off and on, for the past few years delivering and installing office furniture. In that time, I have opened a lot of boxes and assembled a lot of chairs. I was very impressed with the packing job and the instructions and assembly process of the chair we received. They show a high degree of thought and effort. I was able to open and assemble the (damage-free) chair in only a few minutes on the kitchen counter while dinner was being prepared. There was hardly any waste packing material to discard, and I ended up with a big box and another big piece of sturdy cardboard for future projects! Thanks for taking the care to make sure such a nice chair makes it all the way to the customer in our case, next to the fireplace.”Jeana S., Dodge City, KS

“The chair is absolutely beautiful. My thanks the customer service rep who guided me through the process and made sure that all my requests were taken care of. Thanks also to the woman in the graphics department for her help with the seal. Both of these women are a wonderful asset to your company. Thanks again! ”Deb G., Colma, CA

“Thanks so much for your assistance. The professionalism you guys shown compares to none. Again, thanks for a super job.”Mico Z., Central City, KY

“Our chair arrived today and it is beautiful! It is a Christmas gift for our son in law, and we know he will like it! Thank you for making sure it is just right!”Jill P., Bucyrus, OH

“Thank you so very much for your kindness in replacing the arms of my damaged captain’s chair. I can’t tell you how much this means to me except to say that I am truly grateful. It really does hold a special place in our home and our hearts. You really saved the day!”Erin W., Bristol, RI

“Please accept my sincere appreciation for your help and willingness to accommodate me and my need for a timely delivery date. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that has not forsaken the art of service. Please extend my gratitude to your staff and craftsmen for their dedication which enables you to provide your customers with extraordinary service. I know my son will cherish the fruits of their craftsmanship for many years to come.”C.J., Bloomsburg, PA

“My rocking chair is now positioned beautifully in my living room. I am so very delighted. ”Lyle B., Marshall, MN

“Thank you for helping me put together this wonderful surprise for Judge Tracy as he retires after twenty years. The chair is beautiful.”Nigel D., Houston, TX

“Thank you all at Standard Chair for making me a beautiful chair. I love it.”Jordan E., Nicholasville, KY

“The chair is beautiful. I sure wished I had it here. I’m babysitting “three” little ones. Daughter #3 has had surgery, so naturally Mom & Pop came to the rescue. Thanks again for your part in my retirement. ”Rose K., Florence, SC

“We received the captains chair in excellent condition. It is a lovely piece of workmanship and I’m sure the recipient will be very excited when he opens it next week. I merely wanted to write and say thanks for your promptness in filling our order. We appreciate your helpfulness.”Reva N., Mexico, NY

“I wanted to let you know that the Boston Rocker was presented at a Reception on Saturday. Our retiring superintendent absolutely loved it. He immediately sat in the chair and his three year old granddaughter ran up on stage, jumped in his lap and they rocked together. It was obviously a perfect gift. Thank you so much for your quick service and excellent quality. It is most appreciated.”Will D., Schaumburg, IL

“Thank you for great, quick service. Thank the artist/art department and everyone for me. The chairs are beautiful and loved by all!”Hilda V., Roanoke, VA

“Our order of 3 chairs arrived. They are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for helping with the logo. Pass along my gratitude to anyone involved with this order.”Emile C., Hanford, CA

“Thank you! Chair is PERFECT.”Angie O., Boulder, CO

“Just a quick note of appreciation, the chairs were a big hit at the retirement party last Friday night. Thanks for the great work and great service.”Linette W., Mitchell, SD

“Happy New Year! Well, the chairs arrived at Cathy & Bill’s house, last night. What a happy day, as they were thrilled!”Gail F., Portland, ME

“Thanks for the quality service and the excellent craftsmanship. It’s a pleasure to do business with you people.”Miguel N., Garland, TX

“Great work!”George A., Easton, PA

“I wanted to thank you for assisting me with this purchase. We received the rocker yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful, I’m sure that our retiring Board member will enjoy this chair for many years to come.”Sandi G., Marietta, GA

“I was very pleased with every aspect of dealing with your company. Thanks for all your help!”Jeri C., Braintree, MA

“We received the first 4 chairs today, and our CEO was very pleased. They look great and are of good quality. We look forward to receiving the fifth and final chair for this order as well as doing with you going forward.”Nick S., Burlington, VT

“A HUGE THANK YOU! to you and Standard chair of Gardner for your help in replacing the chairs for my daughter and son-in-law! The chairs arrived very quickly. Since they were having work done on the new home before they moved in, my daughter quickly opened the boxes to be certain the personalization was correct. However, she did not want to remove the chairs from the boxes while the work was going on. My daughter and son-in-law have now moved into their new home. My daughter reports the chairs are beautiful and hold a place of honor in a small alcove of their kitchen. Having so much damage done to their previous home with Hurricane Ivan was a devastating experience. They lost many items, including some irreplaceable family treasures! The replacement of these chairs gives them a lift and a breath of hope for better times ahead.”Peg L., Cincinnati, OH

“Many, many thanks for allowing me to buy this chair at such a great price for the charity event in my son’s memory (to benefit children with cancer). You and everyone at Standard Chair are THE BEST!”Laurie U., Farmington, CT

“I got the chair this morning and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Mahalo Nui Loa for the AWESOME customer service, fine craftsmanship and ability to get the chair here before my deadline date without a dent or a scratch. You all are AWESOME!!!”Sue J., Honolulu, HI

“We received our chair this morning! It is perfect and we are thrilled to have this since I ordered it the end of March! I know that it is not your fault. I am looking forward to working with Standard Chair in the future.”Maria S., Santa Fe, NM

“Our chairs arrived today! They are gorgeous! Please pass on our thanks to everyone. I am amazed at quickly you were able to get them to us. We are looking forward to presenting them at our upcoming graduation.”Meredith E., Conway, NH

“I just want to take a minute to thank you and everyone at Standard Chair for building the most beautiful “college chair” for our retiring president. She absolutely loved the chair when she saw it exclaiming that it was the perfect present. Thanks again for all of your consideration. The chair arrived perfectly and on time for the event.”Lisa D., Troy, AL

“The chairs made it and they are beautiful! You guys do great work! Thank you so much for the rush job. We really appreciate it. ”Mike A., Washington, IN

“Thank you so much for the beautiful product! Everyone saw the captain’s chair for the 1st time on Sunday after the Chief ceremony. It was a hit!!! I rechecked all the spelling and date lines and everything was perfect! It was pleasurable experience dealing with your company. I am very pleased with quality of the chair and the workmanship of the engraving. I will certainly be happy to recommend your company for future use.”Melissa R., Knoxville, TN

“The two rockers we previously ordered were awesome! We presented both to former pastors in honor of their ministry at our church. We need to order two more rockers for our next two pastors. ”Rex K., Oshkosh, WI

“Thank you for the excellent service and quality!!”Junie B., Kearny, NE

“Thank you very much for two terrific products. As usual, we are very satisfied. We were particularly pleased because they arrived a day before an Open house Retirement party for both individuals and we were able to show off their gifts.”Telly P., Carson City, NV

“I received the chair last Thursday and I just wanted to tell you thank you for a great job. This is the fourth chair I have bought as a farewell gift and, once again, your company delivered exceptional results.”Don T., Asheville, NC

“We received the rocking chair ordered for our WHS. We can’t thank you enough. It is beautiful, it surpasses our expectations. Hopefully, we have started a tradition of gift giving for future retirees. Thank everyone involved.”Isadora M., Sarasota, FL

“The chairs are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so very much!”Annabeth J., Waterloo, IA

“You all are wonderful! Thanks ever so much for treating us so well!”Avis F., Enid, OK

“This is my expression, to all concerned, of high satisfaction with the quality and appearance of the chair you made for me and with the outstanding workmanship which is obvious in every detail. May this also serve to convey my keen appreciation for your excellent personal service.”Carol B., Parma, OH

“I want all of you to know how extraordinary these chairs are. Everyone in our school district would like to retire from our school just so they can receive the chair. What an heirloom! You product and service is outstanding.”Marie B. Baton Rouge, LA

“We were astounded! You acknowledge our purchase order on April 24 and we received it on May 2! We presented it to the doctor as a retirement gift today, and he was thrilled. We are all extremely pleased with your service and the beauty and quality of the chair and its workmanship. From a last moment idea to a wonderful gift for someone we care so much about – and your company came through for us!”Rose Y., Leesburg, VA

“Just a note to let you know everyone was extremely happy with their beautiful chairs and rockers. It is a tradition here for those who have reached 20 years of service, to look forward to receiving one of these items as their award. We also have many people who wish to own addition chairs or rockers when they reach 25 and 30 years of service. Many are planning to hand them down to their children. All cherish them.”Jean N., Crosby MN

“The lamp arrived today and it looks awesome. Please thank the “elves” in the workshop for processing our order so quickly and shipping well before our deadline. We very much appreciate it.”Laura T., Trenton, MO

“The chair arrived and is wonderful. The plaque looks great as well.”Mary P., Bedford, TX

“Thank you for the wonderful chair. It will always be cherished.”Will F., La Jolla, CA

“The chair arrived today and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in getting the chair made and delivered so quickly. It’s beautiful!!”Kim M., Indiana, PA

“Just wanted to let your know the chair for our retiring library lady arrived in perfect condition, and it looks beautiful! You were all a wonderful help, with great customer service. I can’t wait to show “the Friends” our chair, and I know that Jacki will be thrilled to receive it!”Paula W., Sebring, FL

“Our chair arrived and it is gorgeous! I am so pleased. I had two of my coworkers look it over after I did just to make sure my old eyes didn’t miss anything. It is perfect. I would like to say that I am also very pleased with the whole process. Your customer service was outstanding. I especially appreciate your patience with the University procedures.”Joy L., Estes Park, CO

“I wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the chair. It is beautiful, well crafted, extremely comfortable and just stunning looking. The family tree you include with the chair is an amazing touch too. Kevin was incredibly shocked and happy receiving the keepsake. It was by far the most well received present given to him. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Thank you for providing such a wonderful keepsake.”Karen W., Flagstaff, AZ

“We have awarded our first chairs to employees with 25 years service, and what excitement they generated! Everyone had to touch them- sit in them – and admire them. What a wonderful expression of appreciation to our employees and we thank you for providing such a unique gift”Leslie K., Bangor, ME

“I want to compliment you on the excellent service you provided when I inquired about ordering one of your engraved lamps for our Dean of Student Affairs who retired yesterday. You were very helpful in assisting me with ordering procedures, etc. We received the lamp less than two weeks after placing the order, and it is beautiful! The College will definitely be ordering additional merchandise form your company as occasions arise.”Sally M., Darien, CT

“Each and every year I call upon you for your help with ordering retirement chairs for our school district retirees. You are just the Best! You always find a way to accommodate our tight deadlines for delivery.”Alicia G., Hewitt, TX

“Thank you for all your time, thought, and creative energy in assisting me with trying to create a standard chair for my good friend. I truly believe your help ultimately made it possible for the school to buy/order the commemorative chair for her retirement. I know she will be thrilled!”Barbara E., Lake Charles, LA

“Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job. That treasured rocker displays on the crown my alma mater’s crest, my name and class year. It was a gift from my wife and is my favorite chair.”Brian S., Jacksonville, NC

“I wanted to thank you once again for the truly remarkable service we received from you when we ordered our rocking chair. I would sincerely suggestion to you that if you ever wanted to change careers, teaching others the find art of customer service would be a terrific choice! ”Colleen V., Port Orange, FL

“My wife Dot, decided almost immediately to order the featured Captain’s Chair displayed in the gift catalog. (Even to where it would be placed.) What a great decision!! Our family was together as Dot and I unpacked the chair, as my Christmas gift. We all were very impressed and pleased with appearance, construction and comfort. Each person had to “try it out”. This letter is sent to commend you on the manufacturing of this chair and also for the prompt service on the personal inscription and delivery. This chair is another outstanding example of high quality merchandise.”Rob & Dot G., Petaluma, CA

“Our son-in-law was given his commemorative standard chair last weekend. He was very surprised and pleased! He called the chair “beautiful”. Thank you for being so patient in working on a “perfect” proof for me. I was in Virginia when the chair arrived and was very excited when I saw it. The seal and inscription are perfect. I agree with my son-on-law that the chair is beautiful. Thanks again!”Gary B., Scranton, PA

“I just wanted to let you know that we got the recognition rocker last week, and we are very pleased with how it turned out. Thank you so much for your efforts and help on this!”Patrick M., Moscow, ID

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved regarding the Captain’s Chair we purchased for our son, John. We were concerned it would not be there for Christmas. Your employees assured us that it would be under the tree. It was!!! John was surprised and grateful to receive such a beautiful gift. It will always be a treasured moment for grandparents and our family members. It was very nice to have dedicated people who care and be very informative and kind. We greatly appreciate all their help and consideration. Just an insight as to how parents feel about their children and their achievements.”Martha G., Manchester, NH

“Just a note to say thank you, the chair has arrived and really looks great!”Melissa B., Hastings, NE

“We want to let you know that the chairs arrived yesterday and we are VERY pleased!!!”Ben R., Towson, MD

“Received order & is delighted.”Naomi M., Winfield, AL

“Thank you so much for the wonderful chairs. They were perfect for the retirement party & they loved them. This was the best present possible & hopefully a great tradition to follow.”Richard S., New York, NY

“The chairs arrived and the one I opened looks fantastic. Thank you for your company’s fine craftsmanship.”Kevin N., Caldwell, ID

“Once again, our residents loved their chairs which were delivered to their homes recently. Because most were moving soon, they preferred to have them well protected in the shipping crates in which they were sent. As always, Dr. Foster, joins me in complementing the expert workmanship and care with which you handle our requests.”Debra H., Alexandria, MN

“Thank you! We love our chair!”Cali H., Centralia, KS

“I received the recognition chair!!! It looks absolutely beautiful :) Thank you for providing such an excellent service. I can’t wait for my husband to see it on his retirement day. Have a great Summer and once again Thanks for helping me make my husband’s day special.”Deanna M., El Paso, TX

“Just for your information, everyone that has received your quality chairs are just thrilled with them. Thanks again.”Mike S., Salt Lake City, UT

“The chair got here last Thursday afternoon. The Skipper’s going away dinner was Thursday evening. The timing couldn’t have been better and the chair is absolutely beautiful!!! You are amazing! Thank you so much for getting it produced and shipped in such short time. I will definitely recommend your company to others, but I’ll tell them to plan ahead :)”Julie O., Zanesville, OH

“Just wanted to thank you once again for the beautiful work you did on the recognition rocker. The retiring Board President truly liked it.”Cindy A., Gig Harbor, WA

“Please express our thanks to all for the wonderful chair. It is very nice! I also wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you! Everyone was so nice and helpful. Thanks again.”Rose B., Albany, GA

“Once again, the chairs are absolutely stunning and I am sure that they will be enjoyed for many years to come by our retiring faculty members. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company.”Helen S., Clinton, MS

“I want to tell you how pleased we are with the special order chair we received on Tuesday. The new logo is perfect…your art department certainly is tops! Thank you for all your help and patience with us. You did a wonderful job. Looking forward to working with you in the future.”Katie M., Angwin, CA

“Just to let you know that the recognition rocker was received in perfect condition and I am VERY satisfied…you guys do great work…please pass my thanks and praise to all for the workmanship and professionalism.”Mark P., Fallon, NV

“The chair looks great! Many thanks to all involved!!”Dan W., Kearny, NJ

“Just writing to tell you one more time how terrific it is working with one of you customer service reps. She should absolutely be the “poster child” for superb customer service and I just wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate all she’s done for me. Whether it is ramming through rush orders for me, catching typos in the designs I’ve sent or immediately returning my phone calls, she really “does it all,” and like I say, I really appreciate it and run a better business because of her. So here’s to many more good years together…keep those great chairs a-comin’.”Robert G., Choctaw, OK

“I thought I would pass along my compliments to you and your company. I received the lamp I ordered yesterday, well in advance of the retirement party, and it was beautiful! I know Lee is going to be very happy with this tribute for all of her years of service. Thank you and Standard Chair for all of your help, the high quality and professionalism of Standard Chair’s employees is very evident and coincides with the quality of your products.”Janet R., Appomattox, VA

“I wanted you to know that the personalized chair I ordered for my son arrived yesterday. It is an amazingly beautiful chair. Thank you for taking my order on the phone! I placed the order with you on November 19, with a “rush” fee added. The arrival in two weeks was quite a nice surprise! The company must be working overtime!”Marsha D., Allendale, MI

“The chair arrived and it is beautiful! Thanks for all your help.”Linette S., Sheridan, WY

“I wish to commend your delightful and efficient employee for her watchful eye and her care of her customers. She is amazing in her memory of detail, and she has rescued us from an embarrassing situation. I wish all customer service was of the quality that we have received from Standard Chair!!”Carol M., Clifton, AZ

“I just wanted to send a note and let you know that we received the chair today! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! We are very very happy with it! Thanks again for the rush and for your patience with that school seal.”Sandra L., Blue Earth, MN

“The rocking chair with the new logo is GORGEOUS! Great Job!!!”Joan H., Decatur, GA

“I received my chair recently, which I like very much. I thank you and your people for the great care with which you made it. It will be a family heirloom and passed on from generation to generation.”Jon E., Las Cruces, NM

“I just wanted to follow up and let you know that our son-in-law is very pleased for his standard chair. He was truly surprised by the gift, and it will be a nice commemorative piece for him to use and enjoy. Thank you for working so closely and professionally with us.”Gary W., Minot, ND

“Thank you and Standard Chair for seeing to it that the Captain’s Chair for the celebration of Robert arrived in time for it’s unveiling at the celebration. Truly appreciated and unexpected. This will make the celebration of his career here just that much better.”Dave M., Cleveland, MS

“The chair arrived today and is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on it. I’m sure we’ll be ordering more in the very near future.”Pam L., Augusta, ME

“Today I received the two chairs which I ordered from you. One Standard Chair and one home office chair. Both emblazed with my name and badge. I ordered a Boston Rocker from you folks a few years back and have been totally pleased with it. Since I’ve retired these two new chairs fit beautifully in my home office. The quality of workmanship which the people of your company demonstrate in these chairs is uncommon. This is truly the type of craftsmanship which existed in the years past. It thrills me to see that some pride in creativeness is still out there. These chairs will definitely become family heirlooms and I’m sure will be around for many years to come. Thank you for the great work you do. ”David R., Keene, NH

“Thank you again for all of your assistance with my chair order. You were exceptionally kind, patient, and helpful ~ your customer service skills are second to none. It was such a delight to deal with you and your company especially in this age of automated phone and impersonal service. I’m sorry I missed you this noon time as I wanted to thank you in person. I delivered the chair to my niece this afternoon and she was beyond thrilled! You did a fabulous job and your recommendation for the engraving couldn’t have been more perfect! Please share this note ~ your company should be commended for its outstanding performance and workmanship.”Joyce K., Eugene, OR

“The chair has arrived and it is beautiful -- a genuine American quality product made by genuine Americans.”Krissy P., Chester, MA

“I hope you've had a good spring season with retirement chairs, despite the craziness of this school year for people. I was shocked and thrilled yesterday when our principal gave me MY OWN RETIREMENT ROCKER! After all these years of ordering chairs for our retiring teachers (and never for the hourly workers!), I couldn't believe it when he brought it into the room. Absolutely thrilled doesn't even cover it. I will treasure it, and sit in it every day to read. Just wanted to touch base with you one more time, thank you for all the years of AMAZING service, and wish you all the best in your future.”Eve L., Fresno, CA

“I have gotten a host of calls from our retirees telling me how happy they are with the items they ordered!! The entire process was so simple and I appreciate your help as this was my first time working with your company though I know Robin was always very satisfied. You and Standard Chair provided us with a great experience from the order process through invoicing and delivery. You obviously live the motto of Made in America!! You all should be very proud!! (Hoping I’ll be involved with Employee Recognition here again next year to have the pleasure of working with you.)” May W., Cranston, RI

“MERRY CHRISTMAS & A BLESSED NEW YEAR TO YOU! Thank you,and Standard Chair Co. for bringing so much hope & celebration to our family during this holiday season. Our Christmas will be joyful, knowing that YOU made our son's graduation for his Master's Degree, a very special occasion. Every time he sits in his university chair, made with artistic perfection by the masters of fine furniture, at Standard Chair Co....we will look at two achievement of dedication and skill, one our son's educational efforts, and the artistic skills of the highest quality, and the professional attention of the entire staff at Standard Chair Co........With great appreciation.”The Goodnow Family, Greenbay, WI

“Thank you so much! Ya’ll are so professional and easy to interact with that your supervisors/managers should be commended for your customer service! I am very impressed with the service I received (especially in this extremely difficult situation we are in due to this pandemic). It is really appreciated!!”Rayanne T., Abilene, TX

“I want you let you know that I received the chair today. The craftmanship is wonderful! The logo and name inscribed are perfect! Please pass along my appreciation to the whole staff.”Bob H., Jamestown, ND

“We got the chair today. It's beautiful! It is the perfect gift for John who has loved working at our company for all these years. And your staff was great to work with, also. So professional. I do hope that lots of people at the party want to order one of these; they are absolutely gorgeous! ”Gwen S., Jasper, AR

“I can verify how thrilled he was with the recognition chair. I hovered a bit until I saw him heading back to his office so that I was there when he opened it. He was so happy and touched by the gift. A couple of coworkers came in to see what all the fuss was about and they loved it too...we then started giving him some decorating advice on where in his office it needs to go. It really is a beautiful chair and we found a place for it so that it faces out so that you can see the logo and inscription as you walk in his office.”Sue G., Jackson, WY

“He went crazy and in fact the whole office has been coming to his office to look at the recognition chair and wants one! He is going to circulate all the Standard Chair of Gardner information to all the attorneys so once again thank you and your team very much! I wouldn't be surprised if you see a little more business from them :)!”David L., San Diego, CA

“Kathy cried when we gave her the college recognition chair! They loved it! We had about 5 - 6,000 people, unbelievable and we had a free cookout after the ceremony. ”Rachel F., Bakersfield, CA

“As you promised, my recognition rocker has arrived and it is sitting happily in our den. I will use it every evening to watch Jeopardy! I also have a beautiful cushion for it. What most people don't know is that I have been waiting 40 years to have such a fine rocking chair.”Robert B., Bedford, NH

“The Club chair arrived last week and it is now sitting proudly in our living room. It is such an extraordinary beautiful piece of craftsmanship - local craftsmanship, no less. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much.”Josh B., Boone, IA

“Excellent quality and customer service is what comes to mind when I look at my College Swivel Chair! My chair arrived this week and I can't thank your customer service representative enough for her help while I made this great investment/purchase. She kept me updated on her progress in acquiring permission from my alma mater to use their seal on my chair and it is awesome!”Kelly C., Stockton, CA

“As you know, we have selected you to supply us with our college chairs. This selection was based on quality and workmanship built into your chair along with the customer service you provide. In our plant tour, we were most impressed by the skills of the production craftsman along with their obvious pride and caring in crafting the chair. As a symbol of our appreciation we are enclosing a United States Air Force Academy flag. We look forward to a long and pleasant relationship!”Andrew C., Founder & Trustee, Cedar Falls, IA

“Gentlemen, My father, the Rev. Simmons, retired from the prep school several years ago, two of my children are graduates of the same private prep school, and I served that same school for 40 years as a sports official. We now sit in your handsome chairs. My own now serves me and visitors in the Manor Nursing Home. We love our used and appreciated Standard Chairs. ”Peter S., Bolton, MA

“Thank you once again for a beautiful college chair for our special occasion! It was a wonderful hit!”Steve B., Petersburg, VA

“The college chair arrived in excellent condition. My granddaughter loves it. We are celebrating her graduation this week and the chair will be on display. I tied a brown and gold ribbon and bow on the arm of the chair (school colors). It's quite a show piece. Your kind and extra attention on my order was very appreciated. I thank you!”Rhonda G., Amber, PA

“Our recognition chair just arrived (early) and I love it!! We will be presenting it on 4/2, actually, and I am excited for the recipient to see it. Thank you for your help with our order and for your team's good work.”Stephanie B., Albuquerque, NM

“The chair arrived today and, boy was he surprised and pleased. Thank you so much for the excellent service and beautiful recognition chair. I really appreciate the ease with which I was able to make my husband's birthday special.”Eve B., Emporia, KS

“I wanted to write to express my thanks for the excellent care you and your co-workers @ Standard Chair have provided in taking care of swivel desk chair order. It is most gratifying to receive the level of service you have provided and stood behind your product. Everyone I had contact with was most courteous and helpful.”Seth W., Victoria, IL

“This is not a very professional way to write a note, but I wanted to thank you for the professional way you responded to us. Thank you.”Peter R., Broomfiled, CO

“We appreciate your patience and fine quality of the chairs that were given to the graduating chief residents.”Judy T., Portales, NM

“Thank you so much for the fantastic club chair. It looks great in my living room! I will be ordering recognition chairs for our Club.”Peter H., Collegeville, MN

“The recognition chairs came, they are SO beautiful. I can't wait to surprise Dr. Arnold as he retires. Thank you so much for working with us to create such a perfect and lasting gift!”Bev T., Appleton, WI

“We received the lamp we ordered today and the logo and lettering are beautiful!!! Thanks so much for your help in getting it completed so well and in plenty of time! We really appreciate your customer service attitude and teamwork to make a high quality gift item.”Heather T., Ashland, OH

“The CAPT received his chair. Thanks for all the continued support. He is very satisfied with the final product.”Gary C., Danville, KY

“I was out on emergency leave, but wanted you to know the college recognition chair got to her perfectly and was actually early and everyone loved it and we are so pleased! Thank you for great service and a great product! ”Phoebe K., Mobile, AL

“Thanks you so much for working with me on my son's Law School college chair with the seal he wanted. We were in NY last week to present it to him and he is delighted. So were we!”Lynn V., Granite Falls, MN

“I just wanted you to know that Keith's college chair was a big hit. It arrived just in time for his graduation. The quality of the chair and the engraving was very nice. Thanks so much for everything.”Beth M., Zephyr Cove, NV

“This check is for Heritage Lamp I purchase recently. Thank you for the beautiful work you did on the engraving. It looks absolutely perfect.”Jeanette W., Crete, NE

“We are either of the same school or same piece of cloth and I'm so glad! It's nice to meet a kindred spirit! Thank you for your professionalism and kind assistance with the order of Heritage Lamps for our college graduates. Gardner is very lucky to have a person of your caliber and the service you provide your customers becomes friendship not just get the job done. I'm so glad we know one another and can enjoy the work experience together. Thank you so much for being you. Best wishes for a very special day - you made mine!”Karen F., Seattle, WA

“Just a quick THANK YOU!! The recognition chairs were received and they look absolutely great! My boss was very pleased with them too. We can't wait to present them to our Chairman of the Board at our annual meeting in mid-June. He will be extremely pleased I'm sure. Wanted to let you know the workmanship was great and I really like the way the engraving turned out. Thank you again.”Lucy R., Colorado Springs, CO

“The recognition chair turned out beautifully & I just know that our outgoing Chairman of the Board will be thrilled. Thank you for your efforts.”Silvia G., Sandy Springs, GA

“To the Craftsman at Standard Chair of Gardner: My sincere thank you for the beautiful recognition chairs that you created for my library in memory of our patron. What a wonderful gift you made for us to present to the library in memory of our loved one. His family presented one chair and the other was purchased with donations given in his memory by other family members and friends.”Eileen G., Madison, SD

“Thank you for always making these lovely college chairs.”Hanna B., West Boylston, MA

“The I just received one of your recognition chairs as a retirement gift. I want to compliment you on a quality product, very well packaged such that it had arrived in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with the chair and gratified to see it was made by a MA company. Keep up the good work.”Dan M., Garrison, ND

“The Captain's chairs designed for the Public Library and Historical Commission are absolutely wonderful. The quality of workmanship and their beauty make a worthy memorial to the person we wanted to honor. We are stunned by their good looks. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the special attention given to these recognition chairs. The design is absolutely spectacular.”Ray A., Ocala, FL

“I just received the beautiful college chair I ordered from your company. It is more than what I thought it would be. It is perfect!”Jo-Anne T., Warren, MA

“Our minister and the entire parish loved the recognition chair. The engraving of the church on the chair was exquisite and will continue to be our new church seal. I can not tell how pleased everyone was with this gift. The chair arrived early and in perfect condition. Your company is always professional and helpful. This is the third chair that I have ordered and I have never been disappointed. Many thanks to everyone along the way who helped.”Tammy U., Sweetwater, TX

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the Beautiful job you did on our college recognition chair. The detail of our design was perfect. In addition, I would like to thank your office staff for their helpfulness and patients while they helped completed my order. Again, Thank you for everything and have a wonderful Holiday season.”Ethan B., Billings, MT

“In this day when people are so quick to criticize yet slow to praise, I write to tell you how pleased I have been since we've started doing business together. Standard Chair's ability to generate a beautiful product literally overnight has done great things for me, and I want to reiterate how happy I am with how things are going. I also want to praise and say 'thanks' to your team, all of who have helped me in one way or another. Every time I call, they are cheerful, courteous with the answer to my question(s) immediately at their fingertips. So here's to many more good years together, I look forward to that! Cheers, and thanks again.”Mark C., President, Bloomington, IN

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how excited, overwhelmed and thrilled we are with your product...and how pleased we are with the way we were handled. In this day and age...it is truly comforting to know that there are still merchants out there who really 'care' about the quality of their work and their service too. Good for you! Again we thank you for all the delicate handling of our recognition rocker order from the beginning (with calls, faxes, proofs and rechecks) all the way down the delivery. It's a pleasure dealing with you!”Jill S., Curtis, NE

“You guys are a class act. Thank you for another year of craftsmanship on our college chair order.”Paul G., Athens, AL

“The college chairs for our graduates arrived in perfect condition. We thank you for such stellar service. I'm sure we'll be in touch again next year.”Julie P., Meriden, CT

“Our Court Administrator was delighted with her new recognition chair, which was presented to her at a going-away dinner on July 8. I'm sure she will enjoy the chair in her new home and it will bring back many fond memories of her tenure as the State Court Administrator. Thank you for an excellent product and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”Debbie I., Urbana, OH

“This past Tuesday, I received one of your Classic Standard Recognition Captain's Chairs. It is engraved with the seal of the United States Navy and is intended as a memento of service as a Naval Officer from 1972-1992. To say that I am pleased with it would be the height of understatement. It is a magnificent example of American craftsmanship and you and your workers can be justifiably proud of your product. It must be very satisfying to all of you to know that what you do in such a professional manner brings so much happiness and enjoyment to others. Thank you for the quality of your work and the real artistry that it exemplifies. Best wishes to all of you.”Will N., Bellevue, WA

“I just wanted to drop a note to your staff and thank you for your assistance and exception customer service. The process to order the chairs, with detail was effortless and all of the recipients have received their chairs. I have heard nothing but good things about them. I look forward to working with you again.”Bobby D., Dickinson, ND

“I just wanted you to know I received the college chair in plenty of time for a graduation gift and as you predicted it is beautiful. Thanks very much to both of you for your time and attention and personal assistance in expediting; I hope I wasn't too annoying and a great job well done.”Dan M., Atlanta, GA

“I wanted to write and thank you for the careful service you provided me while inquiring for college chairs for my home and eventually for my children and their spouses. The chairs, each from different graduate schools, now surround our table in the keeping room and remind me of how proud I am of their accomplishments. I truly appreciate your willingness to combine separate orders and send them with one delivery date! My history with these University Chairs go back to my Dad's. His medical school college chair is his waiting room. They are comfortable. We now have chairs from many different Universities and Colleges!”Debbie C., Bennington, VT

“You cannot imagine my utter delight when my Center presented me with my very own Standard Chair from your wonderful organization. My recognition rocker came just in time for me to rock Emma who will finally be with all of us for Christmas. We have tried unsuccessfully to plan our back and forth trips from Vermont to Boston so that we could drop by and thank you in person for taking such a personal approach to the 3 family members who are now proud owners of your lovely chairs. ”Cheryl R., Denver, CO

“Just a brief email to thank you and your team for preparing and shipping the Boston Rocker on behalf of the Dr. Peterson. The recognition rocker actually arrived a few days ago, while I was out. Each year it is always a pleasure working with your company and we are grateful. Again, thank you for your time and help.”Yvonne A., Las Vegas, NV

“I just wanted to let you know that the recognition chair I ordered from you came out just right! It is a beautiful piece of work and I appreciate the turnaround that you were able to provide. I look forward to ordering another one in two years, when our next Chair of the Board finishes his term. Thanks!.”David C., Albany, NY

“When we presented the recognition chair to our President, his words to us were, "I am overwhelmed, this is beautiful." We are all very pleased with the finished product and I have passed your number and brochure on to several employees who showed interest for their own reasons. I just wanted to write and let you know that I appreciated your personal responses, prompt service and very pleasant attitudes of your employees. And again, the chair was a big hit!”Kristin M., Norman, OK

“The Boston Rocker was a big hit when we presented it to our 40 year employee. The quality of the workmanship, including engraving was just superb. Thanks for delivering the rocker on time. We will likely order more recognition rockers when other employees achieve the same milestone. ”Allen Y., Gallup, NM

“Oh my god!! The recognition chairs just got delivered, there are beautiful! Thank you very much and all made in the USA!!! Please pass on my thanks to all who were involved.”Robert S., Fairfield, MT

“The college recognition chairs were beautiful - the quality impressive. We would like to thank you for expediting the order. We have an award dinner this Saturday night and will be presenting the chairs. They will love them!”Maura R., Ann Arbor, MI

“Good Morning and happy Monday! I wanted to let you know the recognition chair arrived on schedule and it looks absolutely AWESOME! Attached is a picture of the excellent work done with the laser engraving. We will be presenting it at the end of the week - no doubt the Admiral will love it!”Marsha H., Annapolis, MD

“Please share with the rest of the many folks at Standard Chair who helped on this order of college chairs that our difficult customer is now satisfied. I appreciate your help in making it so. Whew!.”Cheryl D., Boston, MA

“Allow me to express my appreciation and pleasure with the exquisitely crafted Heritage Lamp which I recently received as a retirement gift from the University. The lamp is a truly elegant piece of workmanship in design and construction, the perfect marriage of art and utility. I am also proud to have it as I know that you have been involved in its creation. I can anticipate that my children and grandchildren will enjoy the lamp for years to come. What a consolation it is to know that there are still people as you, who create furnishings meant to last for generations. And how proud it makes me feel to know such a company is located in Massachusetts. Please communicate my appreciation to everyone affiliated with your fine company.”George D., Hershey, PA

“Thank you for the beautiful chair. My husband was totally surprised and totally blown away. He is a very hard guy to surprise and hard to buy for. He is very proud of the recognition chair and took it to City Hall. Everyone that comes in admires it. They may order more for retirement gifts. ”Grace B., Mobile, AL

“On behalf of our Public Schools, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your firm for your help in our recent purchase of a rocking chair for our preschool. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. I am always happy to recommend Standard Chair. I know that your quality product will serve us for years to come. ”John B., Director, Blountville, TN

“I just wanted to write and let you and your co-workers there at Standard Chair of Gardner know that the recognition chairs we ordered for our retiring friends (and co-workers) were absolutely wonderful! The chairs are beautiful to start with and with the added engraving of our logo in the wood on the front and engraved brass plaque that we had placed on the back of the chair made the overall finished chair a beautiful gift that will be cherished for a lifetime!”Dorothy M., Las Vegas, NV

“We received our recognitions rockers about ten days ago and we could not be more pleased. Please pass on to all: the design team, the chair builders, and the office staff, our sincere thanks for a product and a job well done!”Paulette S., Pocatello, IN

“The Chairman has reviewed the graphic proofs and we both give it TWO THUMBS UP! Please proceed with the college recognition chair order. On behalf of the department I want to thank you so much for your patience, assistance, and expedient replies throughout this initial order process. You have truly made it a pleasure.....absolutely painless!.”Debbie G., Elgin, IL

“Dear Standard Chair of Gardner, Thank you for your excellent service. The rockers look great. Our departing principals will be thrilled. Your company will definitely have my business. Thank you for the prompt delivery. ”Lisa W., Baldwin, WI

“On behalf of the "Retirement Committee", we appreciate your help in getting the recognition chair completed on time. The logo came out perfect and was a big hit at the party.”Shawn B., Fargo, ND

“I want to take a few minutes to compliment one of your employees. I'm sure you hear feedback about poor employees, but this is to compliment one instead; one who knows how to interact with customers. I spoke with this particular customer service representative when I dialed your 800 number. I do not have her last name but she spoke clearly, distinctly and gently. She was ever so helpful in my placing an order when a different source - outside your company - was totally non-responsive. She walked me through my order (of a Heritage Lamp), took all the information, confirmed it, and just made ordering this special item a cakewalk. American companies need more just like her working for them. Whatever you are paying her is not enough!”Henry S., Baldwin City, KS

“We wanted to write this morning to give our hugest thanks for delivering such a beautiful chair to us. The craftsmanship was just gorgeous, and our donor loved it. Thank you for sending it to us so quickly. Many thanks for the best of holidays, and hopefully we can work together in the future. We'll definitely be recommending you!”Brian A., Elfrida, AZ

“I received the college recognition chair a couple of weeks ago. Awesome chair. I have never been excited about furniture. What a great chair!”Stewart G., Albany, NY

“It takes a village and boy am I glad you are in our village! Our very best wishes for a stellar summer! 11 ½ months to go until next season - how do you manage a nation?! Smiles across the miles ! ”Nancy U., Boston, MA

“They received their regular college chair today and are JUST AS PLEASED AS THEY WERE ABOUT THE ROCKERS !! Super fast turn too! Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next order!”Donna G., Brentwood, TN

“I just wanted you to know that we received the Heritage Lamp today. Please inform whomever needs to know, that we are VERY pleased with the products and the timelines of its delivery. The lamp is beautiful and we appreciate your attention to detail. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.”Gail T., Bremerton, WA

“I just received my University college chair. I can't tell you how much this means to me, except to say that I am truly grateful. I dreamed of the day when I could purchase that chair for as long as I could remember. And since both my husband and I are graduates of the University of Virginia, it really does hold a special place in our home and hearts. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness to us. You really saved the day!”Madeleine T., Amarillo, TX

“It was a pleasure doing business with you this past month in coordinating the "Recognition Chair" for our past president of the Association. When I saw it I loved it.....so did the rest of the Board who were equally impressed. Most importantly though, our guest of honor loved it and will display proudly in either his home or office (he isn't sure yet). Again, thanks for your help and please pass this letter on to those who played a part in getting this special gift to a very special man.”Katie J., Cedar City, UT

“Many thanks for the help with the chair, it looks GREAT! We will be presenting it tomorrow, it arrived in fine shape with time to spare. Your turn-around time was terrific. Kudos to all involved!!”John B., Blaine, MN

“The chairs are beautiful! Thank you!”Kathleen G., Winnemucca, NV

“I received the chair and I would like to thank you for your prompt service. I love the chair and it is so beautifully made. It is a great product to give it as a gift. Thanks again, ”Martha L., Laramie, WY

“Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of the handsome college chair and in time for the party. Sharon was surprised and delighted. Everyone there thought it was the perfect retirement gift.”Natalie C., San Antonio, TX

“Many thanks for the courtesies that you have shown to me during the several conversations we have had on the phone. It is heartwarming to know that all is not lost, and that there are Companies that treat potential customers "like people." Thank you for these courtesies of almost forgotten business practices.”Laura K., Miami, FL

“Just a note of thanks for the order that was placed in April for our school. The customized college chair arrived today, and it is gorgeous! And every point of contact with your business (phone calls, emails) has been top notch. It is so nice working with professionals that can truly deliver on product and superior hospitality/customer service. I will absolutely, without a doubt, recommend you company for future gifts.”Sarah T., Canton, MO

“Received ... absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much turning these around and getting them here so quickly. The Owner and Founder of this company are both so giving to their employees and being able to give something back to them that they'll have forever will mean a lot to them. THANK YOU! ”Tina D., Salem, OH

“The recognition chair we ordered arrived yesterday and it looks fabulous. We know the recipient will enjoy it for years to come. Please extend our thank you to the "elves in the workshop" who made it so quickly and insured its arrival not only by our deadline but 6 days earlier!! We really appreciate the excellent customer service.....feel free to forward this along to the "boss".”Carol B., Bartlesville, OK

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with our order. The college recognition chair arrived on Monday in plenty of time to be presented on Tuesday, and it looked absolutely beautiful. The recipient was overwhelmed by the gesture and I know she will cherish it for a long time to come. So again, thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with both of you.”Patty B., Eugene, OR

“I wanted you to know that Ethan's College Recognition chair arrived in Chicago last Thursday afternoon. He is delighted! And I am too. As you may remember, since 1980 this is the 5th chair our family has purchased for our three children and two grandchildren. Standard Chairs are wonderful keepsakes to treasure and enjoy. You have been most kind and helpful. Again, many thanks.”Ellen M., Madison, SD

“WOW!! We received the chair and everyone is impressed. I turned out absolutely fantastic and I know Scott will be so thrilled when he sees his logo on this beautiful chair!! You all continue to impress me every time I have ordered a chair. The quality and workmanship always exceed expectations, and you just can't beat the price! Keep of the great work!! Thanks again, and tell everyone there how happy we are with the purchase of this great keepsake!!”Darlene G., Alma, GA

“Well, she did it again! Yet another letter to advise you of the absolutely superb customer service your representative provided me this week. Some mis-guided Navy ship came to me wanting a chair made and delivered to Norfolk, VA "by noon yesterday". I took the problem to the representative and she (like always) went the extra ten miles to ensure the ship got their chair on time. All in the middle of a computer melt-down there at headquarters! This customer service representative is special but I have a sneaking suspicion that you already know that. Thanks again...its truly a pleasure doing business with Standard Chair! Happy New Year!”Mark G., Corvallis, OR

“I just received the recognition rocker we ordered for our pastor's retirement in July and it is beautiful. We asked you to duplicate an ink sketch of our church building and it came out perfectly. From the first phone call to your company, your staff has provided advice, help and friendly conversation that made it an easy choice for a long lasting, personal gift that I know he will cherish. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and timely production. I know I will recommend your company to others...and I'm thinking hard on who I can order another one for! Thank you, again!”Natalie G., Eunice, LA

“God Bless American made products! We wanted to express our gratitude to you for giving us a personal tour of your chair factory. I have never seen anything like it and I know my boys (Deven & Ryan) have not for sure! Thank you for intriguing Ryan's mind, you kept his attention and not one time did he become bored.”Debra C., Beaufort, SC

“Standard Chair of Gardner has a time-honored tradition of manufacturing high-quality wooden chairs emblazoned with university crests. Your recent gift reminds me, as President of the oldest health sciences university in Texas and one of the oldest west of Mississippi, of the importance of tradition.”John V., President, Austin, TX

“By the way, I saw one of your chairs on the CBS program "Sunday Morning" this past Sunday. They were interviewing a scientist at one of the universities with regards to possibly finding a cure for cancer by using the "fruit fly". Anyway, you could see the "Standard" wood chair in the background. It was neat to notice such a beautiful piece of furniture and even know the name of the manufacturer. Awesome!”Sandra B., Waltham, MA

“Kelley's chair just came in...it is beautiful!! I am crying...thank you so much. I know she will love it and treasure it always. Please let your company, the workman, and the owner know how much I appreciate their craftsmanship and what a wonderful legacy to pass on...from her to her children. It is truly a family heirloom in the making.”Anne L., Clark, SD